2015 Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid review

The new 2015 Toyota Prius is the best selling hybrid car in the world. It is the greenest car among other Toyota models. New hybrid Toyota Prius will be built on the new platform which could improve handling. Large seats on the rear, great fuel economy, high-tech features and large cargo area are main characteristics that could maintain its reputation – one of the best hybrid cars on the green cars market.

2015 Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid review

2015 Toyota Prius – plug-in hybrid

2015 Toyota Prius review


Rumors suggested that Toyota would provide the fourth generation of Prius an extensive outside overhaul. It could even change into a sedan shape like Toyota’s NS4 hybrid concept vehicle. One report pointing out that the Toyota Prius would come with some redesigned exterior like a lower hood and a narrower windshield moved further back. This changes on the new look will certainly improve aerodynamic performance. The building on the new platform offers a lower center of gravity and assures better handling. This exact same platform will be base for future Camry, Corolla and RAV4 models.

2015 Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid interior

2015 Toyota Prius interior – one of the best hybrid cars


Spy pictures of the interior give us a clue in what direction will go design of a dash and instrument panel. The new dashboard now looks more standard, with analog instruments behind a new steering wheel with three-spoke design. Images reveal a center stack swallowed up in a mess of tape and slapped-together aspects, making it hard to envision where a display for navigation might go. A high Toyota executive promises a spacious interior, notable design and design refinements, and higher ease of use.

Hybrid Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid

2015 Hybrid Toyota Prius

2015 Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid specs

The Hybrid Toyota Prius will be the first of the Toyota models to be built on the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) platform. TNGA is a modular platform that Toyota states will certainly assist the Toyota cars will loose some hundreds of pounds. Because the Prius was always a leader in fuel economy in its class is the main reason that Toyota will use lightweight materials to minimize mass.

2015 Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid

Hybrid Toyota Prius 2015

Hybrid Toyota Prius platform

Toyota has prepared for the Prius lithium-ion batteries with higher energy density which will save some space but it will also raise the price. In order to keep a competitive price, we could expect to see nickel-hydride batteries like in current Prius. Among that change the new Prius will be powered with more powerful but smaller electric motors paired with upgraded 1.8-liter 4-inline petrol engine.

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With these measures, Prius should have better fuel economy around 10 percent. That would give the new model fuel economy around 55 mpg.

Hybrid Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid side view

2015 Toyota Prius – plug-in hybrid

2015 Toyota Prius release date and price

The 4th generation of the Prius could make its debut at the end of the next year. We expect to see it in US dealerships at the start in earlz 2015. 2015 Toyota Prius price should be close to the price of the current model, beginning near $25,000 and rising into the mid- to high-$30,000 range for well-optioned examples.

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