2016 BMW X1 price, specs, engine

We are accustomed for BMW to introduce and manufacture only top quality vehicles. Consequently 2016 BMW X1 is not an exception. This magnificently designed and extremely powerful luxury crossover SUV will certainly leave no person indifferent to its beautiful exterior and interior along with its capabilities in terms of the things which can be found under the hood. If you take a look how perfectly designed, yet traditional to its class, new BMW X1 2016 is, you will see that we are talking about an elegant and beautiful vehicle. Another advantage is a very powerful engine which is very fuel efficient, a property appraised by many potential buyers.

2016 BMW X1 release date, price, review, specs, engine, mpg

2016 BMW X1 redesign

As said before, there are only speculations and rumors how 2016 BMW X1 will look like since it is not officially presented. However, there are certain things which leaked into the public, and we will present them now. First of all, BMW X1 2016 is expected to have various and very helpful accessories which would make the driving much easier, comfortable and much safer. Some of the accessories will be found on the dashboard while some will be on the steering wheel. This model is shorter and lighter than its predecessor. Regarding the exterior and interior, it is sure that the design was perfect and neat, additionally; the interior will be spacious and made of fine quality materials in order to provide the announced and recognizable comfort. Among other things, headlights are improved.

2016 BMW X1 release date, price, review, specs, engine, mpg

BMW X1 2016 specs

It needs to be stressed that the manufacturer will do its best in order for 2016 BMW X1 to have a fuel efficient engine. It also estimated that this luxury crossover SUV will have engine with direct injection, and that it will be 2.0-liter turbo engine which will have four cylinders. This “macho” car will have extraordinary 231 horsepower. If we are talking about the transmission, it needs to be said that there will be no changes, which means that X1 powerplant will be mated to a 8-speed automatic transmission. Also, the entire vehicle will be produced on the basis of UKL platform which is very significant since it will enable BMW X1 2016 to have a four-wheel drive.

BMW X1 2016 release date, price, review, specs, engine, mpg

2016 BMW X1 release date and price

First of all, the official presentation of the BMW X1 2016 is announced for the 2015 Frankfurt Auto Show. Furthermore, the manufacturer has announced that he will commence its production in 2015, most probably during August 2015. It is not precisely known when the sales will be, however, it is estimated that the sales will commence in the fall of this year (2015). Since this model is not in production, naturally, it is not known how much precisely it will cost. The estimation is that the 2016 BMW X1 price range will range from about $40,000 to about $50,000, depending whether you choose a basic model or a model with all possible accessories.

2016 BMW X1 release date, price, review, specs, engine, mpg

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