2016 Ford Explorer SUV – spy shots

The next Explorer midsize SUV will come as the 2016 model with refreshed design and new technology which will improve 2016 Ford Explorer gas mileage and performance. The architecture will remain the same with some small changes in interior and safety features.

2016 Ford Explorer review


As there hasn’t yet been a concept shown by Ford that we can locate to being the inspiration for a sixth generation of the Explorer, the existing trend for improved aerodynamics and for that reason enhanced effectiveness, looks like a provided for 2016. The next model will stay a large three-row SUV, although the chassis, styling and driving characteristics will continue to take it in an ever-more car-like direction. The one-upmanship that is currently going on in between manufacturers to make cars much safer, more connected and more autonomous will more than most likely remain to be a function of the 2016 model year Explorer. Previous experience likewise informs us that family-orientated cars like the significant Ford will continue to get upscale and increasingly glamorous interiors, with smart use of movable rear seating permitting a more versatile interior environment.

2016 Ford Explorer midsize SUV

New Ford midsize SUV features

Ford has actually blazed a trail for several years now in introducing hi-tech functions directly into its mass-market designs, instead of decreasing the conventional path of putting them in high-end models initially and filtering down with time. The Explorer is already a well-equipped and elegant SUV, and it is to be anticipated that added safety innovation like the current adaptive cruise control, lane watch and crash alert systems will be major functions in the new bundle. Leather will certainly continue to be throughout the range, although the quality of the products is likely to improve.

2016 Ford Explorer gas mileage

2016 Ford Explorer engine

With engine development being so costly and devices being shared across numerous different designs nowadays, we shouldn’t expect anything too extreme for the 2016 Explorer. Popular agreement suggests that the present 2.0-Liter EcoBoost will certainly be changed with a more powerful 2.3-Liter version, but the 3.5-Liter Ti-VCT V-6 could well stay in place. Having said that; the 290 horsepower and the 255 pound feet of torque that the current V-6 delivers will most likely be improved upon with some smart tuning modifications. There’s also the possibility that the 2.7-Liter EcoBoost that was particularly produced for the F-150 might also make an appearance, as it seems wasteful to utilize such an exceptional engine in simply one automobile. Front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive will certainly continue to be on the V-6 variation, while the EcoBoost-equipped design will probably continue to be as 2wd just despite an increase in readily available power. There’s no word yet about alternative fuel alternatives on the horizon for the 2016 Explorer, however a hybrid alternative wouldn’t come as too much of a surprise as an addition to the variety. Although that would likely come a number of months after the gasoline-only variations are launched, and potentially even as late as the following design year.

2016 Ford Explorer spy shots

2016 Ford Explorer gas mileage

It now seems practically unimaginable that a brand-new variation of an automobile will certainly provide anything less than an enhancement in fuel economy over its predecessor, and we ought to anticipate absolutely nothing less from a 2016 Explorer. The 2015 3.5-Liter V-6 is currently ranked at 17/24/20 mpg city/highway/combined in front-wheel drive and 17/23/19 mpg with four-wheel drive, while the 2.0-Liter I-4 offers you 20/28/23 mpg in its front-wheel drive only form. An affordable improvement on these figures can be anticipated, although the 25 percent enhancement the 2015 base model offers over its predecessor is unlikely to be matched.

2016 Ford Explorer gas mileage

New Ford midsize SUV

2016 Ford Explorer gas mileage release date and price

Rates for the 2016 Ford Explorer will most likely follow the current trend of providing us more cars for not too much more money. There’s likely to be a little increase in the existing starting MSRP of $31,495, but it ought to be modest and will certainly remain to make the Explorer resemble good value for money. At the moment, the Explorer is somewhat pricier than the Toyota Highlander but a little cheaper than other rivals like the Chevrolet Traverse. It will certainly pertain to the marketplace at the end of 2015.

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