2016 Ford Raptor price, engine, specs

If you are looking for powerful and strong machine that would literally take you whenever you want, then 2016 Ford Raptor is definitely the vehicle for you. This car is perfect for transporting heavy loads on long distances. In combination with the needs of the owner, and price, Ford Raptor 2016 is a perfect “macho” vehicle. All in all, this pickup truck is the ideal for the ones who drive in difficult and hard terrain, and who simply need a strong and powerful car.

2016 Ford Raptor price, engine, specs

2016 Ford Raptor changes

The 2016 Raptor gives the impression of magnificence and strength just when you look at it. This pickup truck is primarily made for the ones who live in a bit harsh weather and climate conditions and simply need a powerful and big car that would enable them to finish their duties and obligations. Also, this is the car for the ones who have their own private businesses or farms, i.e. ranches, and need a powerful machine to transport goods or get to their destination very fast. On the first glance, it can be seen that 2016 Ford Raptor has a big trunk, which also may be covered or not.

2016 Ford Raptor interior

Ford Raptor 2016 pickup truck redesign

The new Raptor can be with four or two doors; however, the number of seats is always the same, i.e. five. It must be emphasized that the strength of this car comes from its steel ladder-frame chassis. While driving in the dark, the breath-taking head and taillights only further contribute to the overall impression of greatness and strength of Ford Raptor 2016. The dashboard and the wheel also look amazing with various and useful function that will certainly make you driving more comfortable and pleasant. Believe it or not, you can make almost every possible setting available in this car by pressing certain buttons on a dashboard or on a wheel.

2016 Ford Raptor price, engine, specs

2016 Ford Raptor engine specs

It is not only the outer appearance of this car that makes it powerful and mighty, it is the engine. Namely, Ford Raptor 2016 has a 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 engine and 411 horsepower which makes him a “killer machine” when we are talking about this class of vehicles. Regarding the transmission, it needs to be said that the transmission is automatic, just like with other American car manufacturers, and that 2016 Ford Raptor 10 automatic-speed automatic transmission. Talking about the capabilities of this car, it must be said that its performances allow it to perfectly drive over the rock, or to go fast through desert terrains. You should not be afraid that you would get stuck somewhere with this ultimate pickup truck because it has four-wheel-drive system.

Ford Raptor 2016 price, engine, specs

2016 Ford Raptor price and release date

For has not published the actual arrival date of 2016 Ford Raptor; however, it is announced that this model would be ready for sale in the fall of 2016. Regarding the issue of price, which is the most important for many people, it is estimated that Ford Raptor 2016 would cost ranging from $24,000- $50,000, which is not too much for this kind of pickup truck.

2016 Ford Raptor price, engine, specs

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