2016 Kia Soul price, specs, redesign

Kia has announced the release of its brand new model named 2016 Kia Soul. This model is primarily targeted for family use and driving since it offers enough comfort for family driving and family trips. The biggest changes that Kia Soul 2016 went through are in the engine department. All things reconsidered, this model is ideal for families and couples since it is very economical and extremely comfortable for both short and long distances.

Kia Soul 2016 release date, price, review, specs, redesign

2016 Kia Soul redesign


Taking into consideration the exterior of 2016 Kia Soul, the manufacturer does not plan to make huge and dramatic changes in terms of the overall design and line of the car. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the exterior and the interior would remain completely the same, this means that they would not fundamentally change. As far as it is known, it is expected that this model would be just refreshed, so to say, in comparison to the previous model. Let’s give just a brief description of the announced changes. First of all, Kia Soul 2016 is expected to have 16-inches wheels. Also, the LED head and tail lights would only make this compact model even more attractive to families and younger generations.

2016 Kia Soul release date, price, review, specs, redesign


The one thing that would be of tremendous assistance for potential drivers is 2016 Kia Soul’s vehicle Stability system. This system would enable the car to brake more efficiently and safely on wetter and rougher terrains, which would only result in the higher stability of the vehicle as a whole. It must be emphasized that the manufacturers also gave their best to also make an eco-friendly vehicle. Namely, some of the components from the interior area of this vehicle would be made from the recycled materials. The new Kia Soul 2016 is very comfortable for seating, and thus has a pleasant drive. How? Well, there are cushions in the seats which are very comfortable and cosy, but which are adaptable to a person’s height in comparison to the distance between the roof and the cushion itself. So, do not worry, you will enjoy in driving no matter how high you are.

2016 Kia Soul release date, price, review, specs, redesign

Kia Soul 2016 specs

As said before, the biggest changes regarding this model are in the terms of the engine. 2016 Kia Soul is expected to have the engine with electrical charging. The engine would have 27 kilowatt hour lithium-ion battery, and this battery, when fully charged could even enable the vehicle to be driven for as much as 190 kilometres. Also, it is possible to have standard model with two petrol engines, one with 1.6-liter GDi, which has 138 horse power and another with 2.0-liter MPi, which is estimated to have 162 horsepower.

2016 Kia Soul release date, price, review, specs, redesign

2016 Kia Soul release date and price

Although Kia announced the release of brand new Kia Soul 2016, it must be said that it is not accurately know when this model would be available for purchase. However, it is expected that this model will be released at the beginning of 2016. Regarding the price, it is, naturally, not known how much this model would cost, however, it is estimated that the price of 2016 Kia Soul would be starting from $16,000.

2016 Kia Soul release date, price, review, specs, redesign

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