2016 Mercedes E-Class redesign, wagon, sedan

2016 Mercedes E-Class redesign, wagon, sedan – The E-Class from Mercedes is one of the best luxury sedans on the market today and even though it has been initially launched back in 2009, the current generation received a mid-cycle facelift back in 2014 which was worth a billion dollars, the biggest amount of money ever invested in a facelift by any car company out there. So, even though the current model is quite new and up to date in terms of technology, there is going to be a new Mercedes E-Class 2016 which will have nothing in common with the current generation mostly because Mercedes is going to move the car to a new platform which it will share with the C-Class.

2016 Mercedes E-Class release date, redesign, wagon, sedan

2016 Mercedes E-Class redesign

The outside of the 2016 Mercedes E-Class will change and it will borrow a lot of design elements both from the new model of the S-Class as well as from the current C-Class. The car is going to be longer, wider and lower and the general look will change to that of a more mature model.

On the interior there is going to be more space, both for the passengers and for their luggage. This is going to be achieved with a cleverer layout as well as longer wheelbase possible thanks to the new platform. As standard the 2016 Mercedes E-Class will have a similar equipment level to the other models in its class but it will likely going to offers a few extras such as an automatic parking system, satellite navigation with voice input and even ventilated seats.

2016 Mercedes E-Class release date, redesign, wagon, sedan

Mercedes E-Class 2016 specs

When we speak about what will be under the hood of the new Mercedes E-Class 2016, Mercedes is going to make a bold move and for the first time in more than 10 years they are going to ditch the current generation of V6 engines for inline 6 units in order to give their cars more character. The base engine is still going to remain an inline 4 with around 250 horsepower but the mid-range of the car is likely going to get a 3.0-liter naturally aspirated inline 6 with around 300 horsepower and a turbocharged version of the same engine with more than 370 horsepower. A 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 will also come on the high performance AMG version while a hybrid is going to appear at a later date.

Mercedes E-Class 2016 release date, redesign, wagon, sedan

2016 Mercedes E-Class release date and price

The modular platform that will new Mercedes E-Class 2016 be built on allow them to build a bigger, lighter and better version of the model. There are going to be changed made to the design of the car, to the layout of the interior as well as to its engines. The price will remain similar to that of the current generation with an expected entry level price of around $55,000. The 2016 Mercedes E-Class release date hasn’t been set just yet but we expect the car to come on the market by the end of 2016.

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