2016 Toyota Prius price, review, changes

To prove how dedicated Toyota is in trying to improve their designs, the 2016 Toyota Prius, one of their latest models, has had its release date postponed, because they want to make upgrades to its original appearance and performance. The reason for this style changing is that the market trends are changing and, recently, sportier cars have become more attractive to most buyers. The new Toyota Prius 2016 should be officially presented till the end of this year.

2016 Toyota Prius release date, price, review, changes, specs

2016 Toyota Prius changes

The fact that the new Toyota Prius 2016 will borrow a part of the design of the Diamond Architecture of the C-HR model, means that the it will have a 5-door hatchback layout. Its roof line will be more sharply-coned and its wheel arches will be more aggressive. To be able to tell apart the standard Prius hybrid from the plug-in hybrid version, the hybrid will have a sportier look, while the plug-in will hold on to the settled look. Furthermore, some of the body parts on the 2016 Toyota Prius Hybrid will be made of aluminum to make it lighter, while the plug-in, will have body parts made of plastic.

2016 Toyota Prius release date, price, review, changes, specs

As far as the interior of the 2016 Toyota Prius goes, it will be equipped with modern technology such as navigation and latest sound systems. It will come with a huge backseat and spacious cargo area. The instrument panel and the dashboard will have a new style. The Toyota Engineers have improved the interior with notable design and greater advanced technology. When compared to the older models, it will be easier to use. Behind the redesigned three-spoke steering wheel, will be an array of analog gauges. To conclude, the new Prius will have a roomier and more comfortable interior, with an increased ease of use.

2016 Toyota Prius release date, price, review, changes, specs

Toyota Prius 2016 specs

The new Toyota Prius 2016 will have under its hood a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine, just like in other recent models. Its electric motors will be smaller, but they will be more powerful. The motors and rear wheels will be electronically controlled. The new Prius will have a fuel consumption of 55 mpg and 10% better fuel utilization. The vehicle will be equipped with a relatively lighter lithium-ion battery pack, and will also offer optional cheaper nickel-metal hybrid battery pack.

New Toyota Prius 2016 release date, price, review, changes, specs

2016 Toyota Prius price and release date

The price range for the new Toyota Prius 2016 should start from $23,215 for the base One model, and go up to $34,905 for Plug-in Advanced trim level. The release was first announced for this coming spring, but it was rescheduled. The 2016 Toyota Prius will be unveiled at the end of this year, and it should be available for buying early in 2016.

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